A fantasy adventure following a young messenger and a stern guard on their quest for peace.

Chapter 1: Page 39

December 1, 2014 in Chapter 1: Rewriting Wrongs
Chapter 1:  Page 39
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Author Notes:

Alicia the Bard December 1, 2014
Alicia the Bard
Chapter 1 will be coming to a close next week! It's been a bumpy road, but thank you to everyone who has stuck through and been patient with me. Also, hello to all you new readers! See everyone next week! :)


Stever December 1, 2014
Looks like he's got a reprieve :D
Alicia the Bard December 2, 2014
Alicia the Bard
At long last! XD
Jarvi December 2, 2014
Yaaaay! Mission successful ^^
(now time for ambush.. AHAAHHAHAHAHAHA)
Alicia the Bard December 2, 2014
Alicia the Bard
No rest for the weary?
Skweeee December 2, 2014
Love the colour pallet of this page.

I'm nervous. The king seemed to calm down a little too fast for my liking... I must be paranoid.
Alicia the Bard December 3, 2014
Alicia the Bard

Or Zaki is magic. :)
AeroZero December 5, 2014
Checked back here finally and caught up! Love the new site, especially the background image <3 so cute

yeah I agree with Skweeee, the king backed off a little too fast. I almost expect him to change his mind again, haha.
Alicia the Bard December 5, 2014
Alicia the Bard
Thank you! Glad you like it.

At least he's a good king whose looking out for his people.
eekee March 20, 2021
Ooh! Good work, young messanger!

The king's nose cracks me up, it's great! XD Zaki has a fun nose too. But anyway, I'm not qualified to properly comment on art, but it does all look very good!
Alicia the Bard March 26, 2021
Alicia the Bard
Their noses are fun to draw--however weird that sounds.