A fantasy adventure following a young messenger and a stern guard on their quest for peace.


September 2, 2018 in Teasers
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Alicia the Bard September 2, 2018
Alicia the Bard
Greetings everyone! It's been a while, and I wanted to share some very exciting news, and thought that Messenger's anniversary would be a good time to do so.

Zaki will be handing the 'main character baton' off to a new character named Hiro who will lead you through a new world and story. With this said, it is an independent story from Messenger. The new story, Eternita, is solidified, and I have begun work on pages. It will begin on August 1, 2019. You can go to the new site: www.eternita.thecomicseries.com to check it out. It too will be hosted through comicfury.

Why so long?

Many reasons. In no particular order.
1.) I work full time at a costume shop that is open year-long and the fall show season and Halloween are coming up. This means longer work days and more hours (over-time!).
2.) I'm using a new program. Messenger was done traditionally for pencils and inks; with colors in photoshop, and letters in illustrator. This new project I'm doing all digital in a new to me program called Clip Studio. I'm the type that likes to dive in and learn as I go, so right now progress has been slow while I've been getting the hang of it. (The image above is actually all in Clip Studio. :) )
3.) After Messenger wrapped up, I really felt the pain of burn-out and took a longer break than planned; but it was needed. I feel better now, so have been able to focus my creative juices on a new story.
4.) I got a new site to fix up, and let's face the truth, I'm not web savvy--so it takes me a bit of time (I don't know how many times I tweaked this site the first couple of years of Messenger's run. Not to mention when I almost broke it before it began updates. Whoops.)

To wrap it up, I'm excited for this new project. I'll miss the Messenger cast, but this new cast will be fun to work with. I'm doing so many new and different things with this story and hope you'll all enjoy it when it is released.