A fantasy adventure following a young messenger and a stern guard on their quest for peace.

Halloween 2015!

October 31, 2015 in Extras
Halloween 2015!
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Author Notes:

Alicia the Bard October 31, 2015
Alicia the Bard
Happy Halloween everyone! :D

Zaki, Asad, and Cheveyo have gotten festive this year and have dressed up as a few characters from different anime/novels/movies/game(s) that like (some of these character appear in more than one of these). You can have fun guessing who they are dressed as and I'll have the answers posted in the comment section of Monday's page. :)

Speaking of costumes, comicfury user, azureXtwilight, made a beautiful work of Cheveyo dressed as her character Acedia a.k.a. Sloth for the Halloween exchange. Check it out in the fanart section!

I hope everyone has a fun and safe (Holi)day!