A fantasy adventure following a young messenger and a stern guard on their quest for peace.

Chapter 2: Page 16

Chapter 2:  Page 16
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Author Notes:

Alicia the Bard June 8, 2015
Alicia the Bard
Who would have guessed this talkative, loud kid would grow up to be the quiet Prince we know from before.

This was a fun page to do all around, and I'm glad that it marks my 100th update to the site!


Jarvi June 8, 2015
You know nothing, Jon Sn...I mean Basira x)
Alicia the Bard June 8, 2015
Alicia the Bard
Ain't that the truth.

And, probably sounding dumb for asking, but here I go. I'm wanting to say that's part of a quote from something, but I'm failing to know from what. D: Would you mind enlightening me?
Jarvi June 9, 2015
:D It's not dumb at all. Even if things are well known, there's nothing wrong with people not being familiar with them. I'm never discriminating anyone because of their lack of popular knowledge, I don't have much of it either :)

Anyways the quote 'You know nothing, Jon Snow' comes from series of books/tv shows called Games of Thrones :) Very good fantasy stuff, with lots of cool plotlines and even more cool characters (that you shouldn't get attached to too much cause they die easily xD). If you don't mind graphic violence from time to time, naked people, sometimes having sex, then it's really worth seeing :P
Alicia the Bard June 9, 2015
Alicia the Bard
Thanks for letting me know. My sister loves both the books and show, but it's not really my cup of tea. ^_^;
Jarvi June 10, 2015
It's okay :) People have different tastes :)