A fantasy adventure following a young messenger and a stern guard on their quest for peace.


Name:  Zaki
Age:  14
Gender:  Male
Position:  Messenger-In-Training
From Which Land:  Desert Kingdom
Other Information:  He is not the most intelligent kid around, but he does have a strong sense of right and wrong, which is a trait that Emil admires about him.  He thinks of things in simple means, often giving him the ability to peacefully solve disputes between other characters.




Name:  Asad
Age:  31
Gender:  Male
Position:  Prince Emil’s Personal Guard
From Which Land:  The Plains
Other Information:  He is the epitome of loyalty, and always follows through with the orders Emil gives him, though at times will seek Emil’s reasons for his orders.  He and Emil share a mutual closeness from having been together for so long; however, their friendship is usually only shown in private.  Despite the fact that he comes from a different land, he has picked up the language and culture of the Desert, and executes everything flawlessly.  Being Emil’s personal guard, Emil finds him to be one of the most trustworthy people of the desert and will give Asad special missions.  He is a powerful fighter, though knows when and when not to draw his blade, often accessing the situation so he may take the best course of action.  He is not afraid to throw himself on the front lines of any fight, willing to give his life if it means that it will help Emil.


Name:  Emil
Age:  22
Gender:  Male
Position:  Prince of the Desert Kingdom
From Which Land:  The Desert Kingdom
Other Information:  He is an honorable prince who always puts the needs of others above himself, striving to bring happiness and peace to all people.  He takes his role seriously, and though he has not been ruling long, it has already taken its toll on him as he works to bring peace, and regain Kangee’s trust, after his father had initiated the war with the Forest.  He is highly intelligent, and though he tends to make decisions that many would question, they turn out being the best ones.  He is not physically strong, and depends on Asad’s strength to keep everything in line.  He is the first to realize Zaki’s potential, and uses it, finding Zaki’s inexperience to be one of his strongest traits for the mission at hand.



Name:  Cheveyo
Age:  26
Gender:  Female
Position:  Forest Boundary Guard
From Which Land:  The Forest Kingdom
Other Information:  She is a highly renowned guard in the forest who is a master with the bow. She has mastered traveling among the trees, and usually employs scare tactics to avoid taking a life when she can.  However, her fiery personality leads her to assert herself, and take charge of any situation.  While very loyal to King Kangee, she still does tasks in her own way, and at times will go against orders, primarily if the route can avoid bloodshed.




Name:  Kangee
Age:  59
Gender:  Male
Position:  King of the Forest Kingdom
From Which Land:  The Forest Kingdom
Other Information:  He is the strict ruler of the Forest Kingdom.  He is quite set in his ways, and doesn’t forgive easily.  He is a fair ruler to his people, though does indulge in his lifestyle luxuries.  He keeps to older ways, and does not tolerate insubordination.  While not power-hungry, he is quick to take the sword and defend, and will cut down anyone who defies him.