A fantasy adventure following a young messenger and a stern guard on their quest for peace.



by Alicia the Bard on March 17, 2020
Due to current events, my hours have been cut at my job.  I make hourly wages, not slary, so this of course is affecting my monthly wages.  With this said, I am opening up commissions.  If you'd like to commission me, please send me an e-mail to alicia.schwalm(at)gmail.com with a subject titla of 'commissions'.  I accept payments via paypal.  I only request that commission requests remain at a PG/PG-13 level.  Please refer below for my base prices:

Character Art Work:

Pencil Drawing/Sketch:  (Higher detail ranges can add $2.50 - $20.00 per character)
    Bust:        $5.00  (add extra character:  $2.50)
    Half Figure:    $10.00  (add extra character:  $5.00)
    Full Body:    $15.00  (add extra character:  $7.50)

Inked Drawing:  (Higher detail ranges can add $5.00 - $25.00 per character)
    Bust:        $10.00  (add extra character:  $5.00)
    Half Figure:    $15.00  (add extra character:  $7.50)
    Full Body:    $20.00  (add extra character:  $10.00)

Flat Colors:  (Higher detail ranges can add $5.00 - $25.00 per character)
    Bust:        $15.00  (add extra character:  $7.50)
    Half Figure:    $20.00  (add extra character:  $10.00)
    Full Body:    $25.00  (add extra character:  $12.50)

Cut-Style Shades:  (Higher detail ranges can add $5.00 - $35.00 per character)
    Bust:        $20.00  (add extra character:  $10.00)
    Half Figure:    $25.00  (add extra character:  $12.50)
    Full Body:    $30.00  (add extra character:  $15.00)

Detailed Shading:  (Higher detail ranges can add $10.00 - $55.00 per character)
    Bust:        $30.00  (add extra character:  $20.00)
    Half Figure:    $40.00  (add extra character:  $30.00)
    Full Body:    $50.00  (add extra character:  $40.00)

*Prices do not include background.  Add a back ground:  $5.00 - $300.00 depending on figure type and detail level.*

Turn Arounds:      $125.00  (Higher detail ranges can add $15.00 - $75.00 for whole sheet)
*This consists of:    Three angles (3-quarter front, side, 3-quarter back)
            Three bust expressions
            2 item slots
                *Everything is done in flat colors*

Messenger is set to return

by Alicia the Bard on April 26, 2014

First, I want to say thank you to everyone for being so kind and patient with me during the past months.  It truly means a lot to me.

So, the date I plan to begin regular page updates again is Monday August 4, 2014.  I know, its still a number of months away, but by then I should have a comfortable buffer built up, and feel confident in Chapter 1 running and ending smoothly.  While as far as my back and neck are concerned, they've been doing much better, and I don't tend to have as many problems.  My arm/tendonitis has saddly been a different story.  I have been able to work on pages again, but they're coming along slowly, and some days are better or worse than others.  I've also been trying other things to get it to get better, and get it to not cause me so much pain.

So with all that said, I am still open to any suggestions anyone has that they would like to see.  Are you interested in how I handle writing, story plotting, thumbnailing, penciling, inking, coloring, lettering, etc?    Don't feel shy to ask me.  I have some ideas to help continue to fill the Monday gaps until August, but I want to be sure it is things that you guys are curious about or would like to see.


-Alicia the Bard

New Tabs

by Alicia the Bard on April 20, 2014

A couple of weeks ago, I put up a new tab which I will keep posted of conventions I will be attending.  I've attended many in the past years, but now I'm excited to say that I will begin tabling at some now.


I'm also very happy to say that there is now a fan art tab up.  Please check out the amazing work by other readers of Messenger.  It's very amazing to see these guys drawn by others.  I feel so honored.



-Alicia the Bard

Messenger will take a Mid-Chapter Break

by Alicia the Bard on January 11, 2014

Starting Monday, January 27th, Messenger will be paused (we'll be half way through chapter 1).  Due to some health issues that I have been having, I have not been able to work on it much or at all.  I am not comfortable giving a return date just yet, but I am aiming for fall of this year at the latest.  Why so long?  First I need to recover, then I need to get my strength back, then once I am good in my health I need to get some pages completed so I have a buffer to rely on again.  But don't worry, to help make the time go by, I'll post up some production art and the like each Monday.  If there is something in particular that you have been curious about in how I handle the art, let me know and I'll see what I can do.


Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.


So, what exactly has been going on with me?  (for those who are curious)

Back in 2009 I was diagnosed with tendonitis in both of my forearms (also known as tennis elbow and golfer's elbow (I have both of these)).  Normally I have it under control.  I've learned how to pay attention to my arm to keep it from getting too upset most of the time.  Despite this, occasionally it does act up bad, and I'm out of commission for a week or so.  (A big reason why I want too keep a decent buffer.)  Back in October this happened, and while I was recovering from it, I was hurt on my arm at work.  The injury was right where the tennis elbow is.  Needless to say, it made it a lot worse.  I have only just recovered from that.


This hasn't been the only thing at play.  Also in 2009 I started having a lot of pain in my neck and upper back.  Typically a visit to my chiropractor every so often tended to alleviate the pain, so I thought the problem was taken care of for the time, and the pain was just being caused by my neck falling out of alignment (this thought was sort-of correct).  Well, since September it has had a hay-day.  Upon finding a new chiropractor who is in my hometown since I moved back, I had some x-rays taken on my neck so they could see what was going on.  Upon seeing the x-rays a few days later, I'll leave it at that is one of the scariest things I have ever seen.  The problem in my neck is actually causing a great deal of pain in my arms, due to how the spine works.  Where the pain and problem is most prominent in my back are one of the vertebrae responsible for the nerves in my arm.  Those guys are all sorts of inflamed and angry.  Of course, I'm sure this has helped cause the tendonitis to be more upset than usual as well.


The good news is, I started a six week treatment program (just finished my first week actually), and I have already felt some results.  I'm not in near as much pain or discomfort as I have been in a couple weeks.  The treatment is natural, so no surgery, shots, pills, etc.  And once its done, and I can start maintaining my health, I shouldn't have that horrible pain every few months (as my neck should not be falling out of alignment that bad).  And, I now know just what has been up with my body, and that gives me a great amount of peace of mind.  Not knowing and/or understanding what is causing me pain or why cause a large amount of anxiety for me.


-Alicia the Bard

A Wild New Archival Section Has Appeared!

by Alicia the Bard on October 31, 2013

That's right!  This new section will be named Surprise! and rightfully so.  This section will host random surprises that I'll put up here.  The loading to this section will be random and sporadic and these uploads may or may not have an exact reason for being.  These uploads may celebrate something, or is just something Messenger-related that I randomly did and think that the rest of you would enjoy.  They will also be posted on any given day, so if you see an update on Messenger on a day other than Monday, then you know there's a surprise to be had.

Hope everyone enjoys this new section.


-Alicia the Bard

Messenger Begins!

by Alicia the Bard on September 2, 2013

I'm so excited that September 2 has finally come!  Messenger officially begins today!  Today I'll be posting two page updates in celebration; the cover page for chapter 1, and the first story page.  One page will be uploaded on every Monday.  I hope you all enjoy it.


-Alicia the Bard

It's All Coming Together

by Alicia the Bard on August 19, 2013

I'm really proud of myself for figuring this site out and getting the layout ready for the comic's start.  A friend was kind enough to help me with the fine-tuning of everything.

Regular Updates will begin in two weeks on September 2, but in the meantime, enoy two teasers.  These teasers are designed to both get everyone ready for the comic's start as well as get me used to working the page submissions on this site in hopes that all the bumps will be smoothed out before the regular updates begin.  Thank you for your patience with me.


-Alicia the Bard

Greetings All

by Alicia the Bard on August 5, 2013

I am excited to start up my very first webcomic, Messenger, which will officially be starting September 2, 2013.  Until then, please be patient with me as I learn how to set-up the site and have everything ready for the story's entrance.

See you all soon!


-Alicia the Bard